Parties to the PSCBC introduced Resolutions 07 of 1998 and 12 of 2002, respectively, in an attempt to redress specific past discriminatory practices which took place during the apartheid era. The application process for the redress project was closed by PSCBC Resolution 03 of 2012 on the 31 March 2012. The process is in the last phase of finalisation. We are currently verifying the application forms that were “not approved” as to quality assure the outcomes.

The quality assurance is conducted by independent professionals. At the conclusion of the verification process, Council will receive a report from the task team. The report will include; an indication of the cost involved in terms of the applications received, the funding model to be considered and will also propose a draft agreement for Council to allow for the close out process. Individual letters will be sent to all applicants once the process has been completed to inform them of the outcome of their application.

The objective of this agreement will be to; introduce a Government Employees Housing Scheme (GEHS) to support, educate and advise employees on housing options and opportunities, enhance employees’ access to affordable housing, promote home ownership and facilitate asset security among employees, assist employees to access affordable housing loans and finance, assist employees to rent houses with a view to buy and own homes and provide transitional arrangements towards the GEHS.

The amount of the housing allowance paid to eligible employees shall increase from R 900 to R 1,200 per month. Employees who are eligible to receive the housing allowance but do not own a house shall continue to receive R900 per month.

The difference between the total housing allowance and the R900 shall be diverted into and accumulated in an individual-linked savings facility.

Res 7 of 2015 - Framework agreement of GEHS

PSCBC Resolution 01 of 2015 has been signed. Agreement on the review and impact of existing outsourcing and agentisation practices within the Public Service & conducting an independent impact study on the principles of decent workResolution 1 of 2015- signed 20150210

Newsletter December 2014

The Industrial Relations Association of South Africa (IRasa) has the unique advantage of catering for the needs of a wide range of stakeholders involved in employment relations. The range of issues IRasa engages in include, amongst others, employment relations, human resource management, labour law, social security, work and working conditions, skills development, employment and the labour market. IRasa’s vision is to contribute in a meaningful way to the creation of sound employment relations i...Read More

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